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10-25-2012, 11:47 AM
That's a patently idiotic comment. They reduce your ability to take damage, so they will then reduce the damage? This hasn't been the pattern in a year straight. They are constantly making the borg weapons stronger every update. The shield sapper sucks out 10k shields (10k each face, 40k total) in mere seconds, and borg encounters are ludicrously buffed every patch. The aggro is insanely badly programmed, and massive borg cubes run across maps faster than evasive maneuvers to track down somebody they barely saw on sensors.

Then look at all the BS with paid console on NPC ships wiping out players in 1 shot repeatedly. Then look at the BS in no-win with no ramping up of difficulty, just instant 1-shot deaths and a solid wall of impossibility, rather than a ramping up gradually making it harder and harder.

Nothing in this game for a year straight suggests they are putting logical thought into it. There is no excuse. Not even small team numbers. There is no excuse for how they run things. They can't even keep track of unintentional bugs. They say "we made no changes, so this isn't a bug" despite massive reports of said bug.