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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
right because everytome you move you hit into another aa because 1 guy can put out 2. that means in a 5 man team you have a total of 10 out. how do you sugest moving around the map? should be you cant put out another 1 till the one you have out got blown up
Do you really come across a 5 man team with everyone equipping Aceton Assimilators? Aceton Assimilators (if it comes from the same player) does not stack the drain (don't know if multiple players can stack the drain, but I doubt it). The only thing that does stack is the radiation damage it emits, which is very low damage and can be ignored (unless you hit it with an energy weapon). If you're hitting them with energy weapons, then a) why are you targeting them with energy weapons?, or b) that's your fault for using FAW or CSV.

As for moving around the map, I don't sit still when I fight. I'm not within an Assimilator's range for long.

If it's really that much of a problem, TBR will easily push them out of drain range.

If your entire strategy to win revolves around mines, then that's your problem to figure out a counter.

There are options. Use them.

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