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10-25-2012, 12:48 PM
No, don't blame the setup. It's not unique to that ship or that character. All my chars have set shields and all of them get popped through shields instantly. The ISO charge is such bullcrap it needs instant removal from the game. There's no reason to ever EVER have put this on NPC ships. EVER. Period. Let alone put it on ships and jack the damage THROUGH THE ROOF to the point of 1-shotting oddy cruisers with maco XII shields. Yes, that's happened to my fed as well.

Don't defend their bullcrap decisions. You can check yourself in combatlog stats tracker. It tells you what the enemy damage was to you. It tells you what the max crit was. You can then go into each and every hit if you like. It's absurd, the way this is programmed.