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10-25-2012, 12:49 PM
Wow. Did not expect this to happen on this thread. Actually tbh I should have seen this coming. Well that's what happens when you go to sleep, crap happens overnight XD. Alas where to begin...

First off adam, yes, I am in favor of balance, and this change does change the balance to closer to normal. HOWEVER I am NOT in favor of balance over necessity. Yes, this balances the game a little, and makes escorts not nearly as nasty/live forever (which is what a lot of cruiser pilots wanted), but at the same time, it kinda smacks everyone (if not everyone, a lot of people) who does STFs. You will notice that I am among the players who use the MACO and Borg 2 piece set combos. And I use these for a reason. As rodentmaster pointed out, the Borg in ESTFs can be somewhat cruel and nasty with their weaponry and kind of insane critical severity, and I found it borderline necessary to run that set combo, at least on my fed side, because tbh, there are fewer things better for tanking than those combos. If I had to run a full MACO or Omega set, or even the current full Borg set, I would be wiped pretty hard, even in my Oddy (which you know from personal experience is quite difficult to destroy). That hull heal proc helps combat critical plasma fires (you know, the ones that come from heavies you don't have time to destroy/torps that critted) that do 1500 per second for 10 seconds. Without that proc, it can be painful, esp if my HE is on cd. Basically, yes, this balances the player bases ability, but unfortunately due to the current PvE content "brokenly powerful" combinations like that one were a necessity. Or at least taking advantage of them was.

I personally have no real problem with the full Borg set. Save for one. That shield. The rest of the set isn't bad, in fact is quite good tbh. But that shield. 6k cap. In all honesty, shimmerless is right, the MACO shield leaves everything in the dust as shields go. High capacity, large resistance to damage (omni resistance for that matter), the relay proc (which is just mean), and lastly, it's a resilient shield array, so it protects you even better (and this one doesn't suffer from the large regeneration loss that a lot of other resilient shields do). When you compare the borg shield, well there is no comparison. It's weaker capacity wise, fewer resistances to damage, no power increasing proc, and the only thing it has going for it is the almost 300 regen. But when you are taking constant 3-4k hits, that damage will add up quickly, and the MACO shield was able to nullify most of that, but the Borg shield can't.

But other than that, the Borg set is quite nice, at least for a mk XI (which is what they plan on making it), and I have no real issues with it.

Now that I think about it, I think I was spoiled by the MACO shield, cuz I compare all the end-game shields to it, and none of them really come close XD.
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