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Originally Posted by mrkollins View Post
Just like battlefield, if you get close to the enemy base you have 10 seconds to turn around or you will die, simple and effective.
...just to be clear:
with the 20 sec. up to 2 min. timer an afk timer is meant. so people who not respawn after deathcounter is down, or leave the own dome within that given time, will be kicked from game .

as for the dome's timer i would be fine with 3-5 sec. timer (so no time for a quick kill).

Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
i cant see why a timer would even be good. remember the old tactis of a team with a cloaked defiant? that guy could be flying around for a whole 2 mines till a decloak with an alpha to finish off a target.
--> above. depends on the range of the dome and the timer given i guess.

Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
also kick votes are out of the question. what about quagmire? he sucks so badly but still trys to pvp. i can see every team kicking him and then he will never beable to play. sure i hate when hes on my team but i still would not kick.
i'm also not with kick-votes. but an afk-timer may at least could lower the rate of afking.

so i would like to know, what you think would fit as combination of dome's-range and kill-timer?
another question is: how long an afk-timer should be in your opinion?

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