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Did you miss one of the earlier Dev Blog posts? The Tal'Shiar is still out there. The rest of the Romulan Empire is descending into chaos and civil war as each faction tries to claim the now empty throne of the Empress. These romulans are but a small portion trying to break away from the rest and do something new. They've reached out to the Remans, yes, but that is probably equal parts pragmatism (there's a chance the Remans would go after them as "soft" targets) as it is out of genuine desire to reconcile with them.

On the subject of the Klingons sending diplomats though? Yeah, that's not J'mpok's style, but a lot of the lore we see seems to suggest that J'mpok is beginning to lose support amongst the great houses and this might be something done out of political necessity rather than any real desire to be diplomatic on his part. He's rash, hot-headed, and probably an Undine in disguise, but he's not stupid.
Yes, I did read the dev post and thats the part I have a problem with. Romulans are just too xenophobic. They would rather abide a tyrant than accept an olive branch. Those are resisted would have been rounded-up and slaughtered. Some real world examples "Romulan"-inspirations Gene drew from: Caesar. Nero. Napoleon. - these men would abide no equal. They would rather see they empire crumble that share power.

Shinzon's actions against the Romula Senate is keypoint here. The Romulan military exterminated them all because they refused to join forces with him.

Every Star Trek Romulan-archetype created plays out that "fight to the bitter end, no matter the cost."

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