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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
C-Store has gotten little to no love since the Lobi Store has been jampacked with every and all things useful or interesting. It is really pissing me off because I have spent a lot of money keeping this game as fun as possible by supporting what you put in the C-Store.

Put the 29th century uniforms.
Melee Weapon Set 2 and any other new things in the C-Store as Account and Character unlocks. This year has been horrible when it comes to C-Store stuff. it needs to be rectified imminently if this game is going to continue to sustain a increase in funds.
They make more on people wanting to get the same item from the Lobi store... take one of the costume pieces 150 Lobi... On average you get 4-5 lobi per lockbox... so that 150 lobi item = $30 (whether or not you bought the key directly, or indirectly (exchange), since someone had to buy the key originally to post on the exchange.

Given the "i want it now" mentality most people have, the Dil to Zen conversion doesn't impact that gain very much, since most people aren't going to want to grind for 3 days to open a single lockbox (or 90 days to convert enough dil to buy the 30 keys) (all numbers based on single character... yes I know that there are people that earn much more dilithium by using alts as well).. still alot of work for a costume piece (IMO).

Remember the crap storm that erupted over the 700 Zen Space suit... ($7 for those counting). The Lobi store items (in the long run more 4 times more expensive then the Z-Mart items) don't get nearly as much bad press. And people are willing to pay it...
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