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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
Did you miss one of the earlier Dev Blog posts? The Tal'Shiar is still out there. The rest of the Romulan Empire is descending into chaos and civil war as each faction tries to claim the now empty throne of the Empress. These romulans are but a small portion trying to break away from the rest and do something new. They've reached out to the Remans, yes, but that is probably equal parts pragmatism (there's a chance the Remans would go after them as "soft" targets) as it is out of genuine desire to reconcile with them.

On the subject of the Klingons sending diplomats though? Yeah, that's not J'mpok's style, but a lot of the lore we see seems to suggest that J'mpok is beginning to lose support amongst the great houses and this might be something done out of political necessity rather than any real desire to be diplomatic on his part. He's rash, hot-headed, and probably an Undine in disguise, but he's not stupid.
I've been fuzzy on J'mpok anyway.

He's a warmonger but not a xenophobe. (I do feel like there are hints he's in the pocket of the Orion Syndicate, though and he's having Orions seduce his political rivals and sway them towards his positions.)

He's backed by the remnants of Duras but initiated war on the Romulans.

I'm going to say, too, that if you ignore most of the books and stick to the shows, it sure seems to me like you have Federation-friendly Klingons and Romulan-friendly Klingons and that they're opposed to one another no one should be opposed to both... and the idea that Klingons hate both groups seems to me to be a fan interpretation that's bled over from trying to reconcile Worf's prejudices with other Klingons' prejudices.

But that doing so is almost like saying that some Bargles (made up name) are plaid supremacists and some Bargles are plaid supporters who hate striped people, so Bargles must hate both plaid people and striped people.

I think the sounder interpretation is that you have pro-Romulan Klingons and you have pro-Federation Klingons and that there has always been and remains a rift there. Praxis and the movies overall caused the pro-Federation Klingons to come to power. The Romulans attacked Khitomer in response to that and the pro-Romulan Klingons were stripped of power and/or resorted to deception. With J'mpok, the pro-Romulan Klingons have reclaimed power from the pro-Federation Klingons.

I think a take like this is almost essential to understanding Duras or J'Dan.

And the books have tended to deviate and are just unfortunately being over-relied on as sources by Klingon and Romulan fans because they wouldn't have enough details to form a portrait of Klingon or Romulan culture from otherwise.