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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Yes, I did read the dev post and thats the part I have a problem with. Romulans are just too xenophobic. They would rather abide a tyrant than accept an olive branch. Those are resisted would have been rounded-up and slaughtered. Some real world examples "Romulan"-inspirations Gene drew from: Caesar. Nero. Napoleon. - these men would abide no equal. They would rather see they empire crumble that share power.

Shinzon's actions against the Romula Senate is keypoint here. The Romulan military exterminated them all because they refused to join forces with him.
So I suppose that any society which has been characterized by brutal oppressive regimes never changes? Never has any dissensters that fall through the cracks? Never has any opportunists that are willing to change their tune if it gets them out of the fire?

You're being far to narrow in your interpretations of the Romulan peoples and subscribing to the "Molothic Society" view that while prevalent in many Sci-Fi series is subverted as often as it is upheld in Star Trek. And with Romulan society coming apart at the seams as it has been since Shinzon staged his coup - Hobus only exacerbated the problem - you're going to see more of them willing to try new ways of doing things, especially if it means their skin stays intact just one day longer.