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Nova fleet seeks players of any rank, any skill, any timezone.

We're a new start -up fleet. We have teamspeak.

No pomp and circumstance here, a very casual fleet of cool people, looks to increase it's ranks.

We're helpful, generous and knowledgeable, looking for like minded fleetmates.

Contribute towards fleet projects as you like, no limitations or requirements.

Looking to rip up some fleet marks? Or simply looking for a casual no hassle fleet to call home?

Want to belong to a fleet without all the hassle of some of the other fleets?

No manditory ANTHING here, Except that you have fun.

No Bull, no pulling rank. Come and go as you like. Continue playing as you like.

Feel your fleet holding you back? Tired of the drama? Come kick back with us and enjoy the benefits of a fleet without changing your playstyle.

Help us build something.

Look me up at " @vengefuldjinn " in game for an invite.
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(In regards to STO Delta Rising): "Where a fun casual game once sat proudly, a horrible grind fest now stands. All this expansion has made me want to do, is log in less."