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10-25-2012, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by den3067 View Post
With all these Tacs one shotting me I'm thinking about getting rid of my Engineer.
I have the Ultra-Rare Fleet shield which is worthless.
I also have the Honor Guard shield and weapon 2 pc set so far.

Shields get one shotted by Tacs. There does not seem to be any balance against the Tacs these days.

They need one shot and I need like 5 or 6 with various mk12 beams, rifles, doesn"t matter. Really dont want to go back to the drawing board with another toon.

The Engineers should have some way to counteract a Tac that can cloak and one shot us.
Least give me a viable JemHadar Mk12 kit so I'm not a sitting target.
Please post your Ship, equipment, weapons,Bridge Officer powers (space), DOffs, and character spec. you shouldn't be getting OHKO'd by anything in space, save maybe a solidly buffed Tac/Scort running 3 Sub-nuc DOffs.

That said, Engineers are hardly weak, though encounter design in STO being what it is, particularly in STF's and fleet missions, they have to play a better game to keep up in PvE than Tacs. In PvP, they're the Captain to beat for healing, as they can go pretty much hog-wild tossing heals to teammates while still having the aces up their sleeve necessary to stay alive in a pinch.