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10-25-2012, 03:30 PM
The problem with TS1 is that it's a really weak torp weapon skill. It's a pale pale comparison to TS3 available at the ltCDR rank. If I want to run a torp or quantum on an escort, TS3 all day, baby!!!

But for an ens level skill it's not worth it. I'd probably rather run a BO1 with a DBB, but even then you're not getting the same crit rate as DHCs. Overall running 4 same type weapons on front is best for optimizing damage.

Lately I've been running 2 copies of CSV, 2 of CRF, and the 2 ens slots as tac team 1, and I just chain whatever is needed plus the nearest available tac team for a damage bonus. I might waste a third ens slot on BO but I really hate the ens options for cannon builds.

I ran a DBB build in an escort and got it running darned decent DPS (not as good as the best DHC builds, but way better than even a sloppy DHC build). There I had more beam skills at ens level that I could employ. Overall I got top or near top dps in almsot every stf.

I wish I had that flexibility with cannons. Their slots being 1 rank up really shafts you. That and the DHC extra crit rate. That crit makes a difference.