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Originally Posted by rjam0 View Post
With regard to the new STF conversion system...

I have been trying to get the Mk XII Armour drop but I have had no luck. I have been keeping the Mk XII PSG and Mk XII Weapon techs in my bank until I have all three pieces so I could go and trade them in at the same time.

Would I be better off in trading the two techs that I have for their respective equipment, then collect marks for the Armour? Or do I leave them there and hope they get traded in for enough marks to get all three set pieces?
Well remember the new pieces are going to cost marks and dilithium both. So basically you're asking 'should i wait until the prices go up and require an extra 3 months of grind besides?' Just keep praying you get your armor drop before the changeover. Even if you can't get it, I'd still change over now, save cash where you can.