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Ok, now that im looking at it it seems like ALOT of dilithium, And it just seems like u /copyed the Fleet system.

Now Here are my sugjestions to make it less painful...

1. Turn it into a Fleet branch so fleet members share the same System or maybe each fleet member somewhat shares some of their progression making fleet STFing very effective which will encoruage fleets to work together.
2. Account wide. Or Semi Account Wide Maybe for every char you get up your entire account gets said boost. Like my Main becomes Lvl 2. The rest of my account becomes lvl 1. My 2nd char gets lvl 3 the rest of my chars, lvl 2, then 3rd char lvl 4, rest lvl 3, 4th lvl 5 rest lvl 4. So if i level 5 chars up in rep exponentialy, i will only have to lvl ONE level for all my other chars.