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I can agree on 1 point.. any event that calculates a drop/reward for doing the most damage should be changed to include a engineers 'survivability rating' or something like that, which calculated adds to whatever the lower damage a cruiser does and puts in on par with escorts in score values.

I can also agree to a certain extent about the ST Shows not showing something like what Spread III looks like, however nor do we see every torpedo spread strike the captains have ordered while in battle, so it is entirely possible we never were shown it, and to a certain extent too it might not have had that effect to help save on the vfx costs of episodes.

I'll have to disagree with you on torps doing nothing to shields.. they certainly can and cruisers still get spread II or high yield II whichever of your choosing. Obviously builds are quite different across the board so torpedo damage varies in mileage, and if your finding torps being too restrictive for you, I'd suggest the rapid-reload transphasic torps, then it matters even less if shields are up or not. Grab a tractor too if you need something to hold your target long enough to squeeze the launcher in the arc, then your set.

My only 1 annoyance I get with torps is when that 30-45K tricobolt torpedo hits a shield sliver and is reduced to like 2K, but I shrug it off and just keep on the pressure.

Just read Memory Alpha about the Galaxy Class tactical systems and it will explain why it can fire a torpedo spread of five at one time. None of the other ship classes even mention it.

"There were also fore and aft torpedo launchers on the engineering section. (TNG: "Conundrum") Each launch tube was capable of firing at least five photon torpedoes simultaneously, each torpedo capable of being independently targeted. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom", "Yesterday's Enterprise") "