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10-25-2012, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by rangerryu View Post
just tried it again and it still finishes off the dialogue when you select the top option no idea why.
Try it again. I recently added a couple more dialog boxes to that branch, and apparently doing that causes its endpoint to revert to "Finish Dialog". That's probably what you were seeing. I just fixed that, however.

I also fixed the bug that had been reported in the Battle of Club 47. I used to have two invisible barriers along the Club 47 "forcefield" wall: one in front of the club entrance that was supposed to be triggered when the player walks through it, and a "permanent" one the length of the rest of the wall. The permanent barrier was meant to keep the Devidians in the club from attacking the player over/through the wall while the player's still outside (as I observed happening in map previews), while the triggered one was meant to keep them from leaving (thus forcing the player to go back outside and hunt them down to complete the mission objective).

Some players reported that the triggered wall was appearing prematurely, locking them out of Club 47 and preventing them from completing the mission (not to mention denying them its epic centerpiece!). I never experienced this problem, even when playing the mission with one of my regular toons. However, when playing "for real" I also found that none of the mobs in Club 47 even spawn at all until I enter the club, even though I set most of them to spawn immediately at the start of the map. While this isn't what I intended, it does have the side benefit of eliminating the need for either of those invisible barriers, so I just deleted both of them to get rid of the reported bug.