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10-25-2012, 11:26 PM
Yes but the point is, This blows for everyone who has more then 3 chars. I have 8 VAs. Which will end up costing a very very large fortune to get up. Cryptic shoudl realize the ppl who have more chars are more likely to buy stuff from teh c-store, we need more services, cryptic should adjust accordingly.

And fleet kind of makes sense, if an american goes somewhere and makes a bad impression to a country, that contry will chnage its disposition of america in small ways. You still Represent your fleet, Your actions change how someone thinks of who u openly represet in small ways. If a fleet makes a good impression, people will think maybe more of X fleet is good like that, or a team of 5 fleeties makes a bad impression, the other fleet may think more of this fleet is like that.