Thread: Is AMSing OK?
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10-25-2012, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by bobtheyak View Post
Anyone else find it odd that AMS hasn't been 'fixed' due to its usefulness in PvE, yet it has the static screen graphic which applies to its use on other players?
I bet they have a huge poster on their wall at Cryptic studios, where someone got it wrong and wrote "If it's broken, don't fix it!"

But yeah, AMS is a life saver in CSE... got to scramble that negh before he fires of his death-lightning...

And that static... pisses me off like nothing else. It's not like we have a clear and easy-to-read UI as it is, with a thousand entities swirling around us. It's like they try to tell us "So you say it couldn't be worse? Then check THIS out!"