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10-26-2012, 03:26 AM
i really have grown to hate JJ abrams for destroying the romulans, this game would be much more interesting with them as strong as they ever were.
JJ didn't destroy them, cryptic did. the feds have 250 odd members, we've seen dozens if not hundreds of human colony worlds, and it would be unfair to presume most fed races don't have a similar number, (or that their aren't an even larger number of mixed worlds). The federation easilly has 10K inhabited world, posssibbly over a 100K. Even accounting for the more war like nature of the romulans there is simply no way a ace who's main and onyl significant population and industrial centre was limited to just one world could have participaited in the dominion war as a significant ally to the federation, let alone the equals they where treated as.

Fact is in reality romulous going boom would have made a mess of their political system and have ben a morale blow par excellance. But the kind of damage needed to tottally destroy the romulan star empire as a meiningful and powerful force was tottally beyond it. 99.95 of their industry and military capabilities would have been REQUIRED to be off world for the romulons to be as powerful as we know them to be.