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Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
You need the story from the Klingon perspective.
After openly fighting the romulans in romulan space ever since the destruction of romulas, how does it feel to be allies with them in a heartbeat?
I think the story will be fairly simple:

The Klingons will talk peace, but only so long as it serves their plans. They could conquer these pacifist Romulan colonies easily... but they currently have little of value to make an invasion worth it.

So, with KDF ship captains helping them build, you are increasing their future conquest value for the Empire. Plus gathering valuable intel that can be used for those plans.

Pretending to be a double agent, sorta; helping the Romulans, but really helping your side. There is more than one way to win a war, and going into battle blindly is not smart.

Something along those lines A little bit of a stretch, maybe, but isn't it feasible enough for the KDF?
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