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Originally Posted by marctraiderz View Post
Perhaps though some rules could be adjusted, and perhaps a more suitable rule for prolonged matches could be found, we'll see.
I don't know about you, but on weekends it is difficult for TRH to participate in matches/tournaments that exceed a ridiculous amount of time due to the fact we're not really around during the day.

Shortly after the tournament, Yoda had to go to work. Had the games gone any longer than they did we would of been short handed.

The fact we participated in an 'unfriendly' time frame, was out of courtesy. Our 5th was not ready and a glimpse of this discussion between yourself and Hank was apparent in the beginning of the video. The paint on his recluse was not even dry before we even started that match.

Critz and TRH both a like have same prime times of log in. Which is the reason why the Critz did not participate in the first place.

7 kills being scored in 45 minutes is ridiculous. Hypothetically, in which 4 kills were to TRH and it would of took 180 minutes for a final result if it went to 15 kills winner. I don't know about you, but recluse sex for 3 hrs is not our style.

So, in terms of the duration rule (although I was against it initially), I can see the implications of macro events effecting the participants significantly. Heck we thought the match was up to 15 during the tournament. But in any event, we think that;

90 minutes to a soccer match is sufficient
60 minutes to a hockey match is sufficient
9 innings to a baseball match is sufficient
60 minutes to a football match is sufficient and;

45 minutes to a STO PvP Tournament match is sufficient.

All and all I think the rules to this tournament were sufficient. Even though I am clearly in the biased column of opinion, I still think everyone had equal opportunity to win their matches. Increasing time limit would inhibit our likely hood of being able to participate in a full match such as that.

Aside from all that, I enjoyed the last few warm and fuzzy Panda posts.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes

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