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Originally Posted by gt86 View Post
I am going to experiment with a all Phaser Cannon build on my Mobius. I will probably be running 3 Phaser DHC's Mk XII's Borg and the Quad Cannon. So I looking for some advice on what the best Boff Station layout would be.

I'm thinking


TT1 CSV1 or APD1

Also Just in case I put a Tricobalt mine in the rear do the Dispersal Patterns work with Tricobalt mines?
As ever, it depends entirely on what you want to use it for.

Never go for CSV3. CSV1 is almost as good, because there's very little difference in the Damage modifiers. That said, if you want to AoE things, you'd be much better off picking up a Quantum Torpedo and using CSV1 followed by Torp Spread 2 or 3. The Mobius is one of the few Escorts that can run a copy of Gravity Well, which stacks insanely well with CSV and Torpedo Spread.

Concerning a replacement for CSV3- I'd go for APB3 for team PVE, CRF3 for solo play/PVP, or DPA3/DPB3 for minelaying (they do work with Tricobalts). But if you're going the minelaying route, take two Tricobalt mines, not one. The cooldown for one mine is 60 seconds, for two it's halved to 30 seconds (the same as the cooldown for one copy of Dispersion Pattern X).

Also note that you can usually get away without taking APO if you pickup Polarize Hull.

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