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10-26-2012, 06:32 AM
To answer your first question, most assuredly yes. Even you went on to attempt to equate it with PvP in your own post.

EC can be gained many other ways than the Doff system, outside of doffing i've been able to earn a couple hundred million EC and I don't even come close to what others have made just playing the exchange game.

More dilithium and therefore zen? It's locked at 8k a day no matter how much you can earn, I didn't ask for that to be increased.

As for what I'll do with it? Use it how I play, which would be reinvesting it into the Doff system since that's really the only part of STO that to me feels like the work of a starship captain. I have no interest at all in STO's or any other MMOG's PvP, I get that fix in other things where it's done better.
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