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10-26-2012, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
Without even reading every thread it's clear Cryptic have pissed off the community as intended.

I'm sure someone in a recent post has already summed up what will happen, people will stop doing the assignments. This will force fleets to adopt the non doff/low doff projects, forcing fleet progression grind to double in overall time especially for the smaller fleets which then forces more grind of fleet marks and so on....

If Cryptic can't grasp the concept that grinding the hell out of players is going to kill the game then the only alternative will be STO going in to decline and everyone loses.

Has anyone done the maths on dilithium spend vs income? 8k a day max on a character and 1k would be lost to the general recruit, then pay for fleet/omega/romulan progression the tier's increase 8k will not stretch that far even if you say the doff recruit is only every few days. People will just not bother grinding. As hard as Cryptic tries to force us to pay/grind customers will do what they can to avoid it. Resistance is far from futile and players will adapt.
The worst part is it's so glaringly obvious, hence why they hid it from the initial list of "features" for season 7.