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Just because other ship classes dont mention them doesn't mean they don't exist. The Akria and Promethus would be prime examples of ships that almost certainly would have that same ability in ST as the Galaxy, just based on looking at the roles & ship designs these type of ships played in ST.

There are also many cruiser setups that'll work wonders with exposing the hull. Grab 4 to 6 tetryon beams, and load the other slots with torps, let the tetryon strip the shields down, turn slightly to fire off that high yield 2/spread II on the exposed hull works wonderfully. Other hybrid beam types that will do shield damge also apply. Further enhanced with flow capacitors in the particular build.

There is also the ability to take polarons, and a sci energy siphon ability to really reduce all of their abilities, maybe even cause shields to drop briefly for a nice shieldless torpedo hit.

Then there finally is the all up straight up torpedo fun building, taking all torpedos, 2 or 3(depending on max tac consoles) consoles of that specialized torpedo damage enhancers, with skills in torpedos, and then of course the reduced torpedo fire time duty officers and all torpedos or not those shields and hull will take a beating.

Simply put, there are several options avaliable to cruisers that while not quite as direct as a rapid fire heavy cannon escort to bring a shield facing down, shows the options are there.
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