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10-26-2012, 08:53 AM
I think a lot of the reason for the change is the devs number crunching with very little understanding of how the game works.

1. They introduce a horribly bugged up Doff distributor on the starbase, they never really fix it.

2. The repetitive SB missions use the same select Doffs over and over. Tier 3 makes things worse with one set being uncommon and the other being common.

3. The extreme 1:10 or 1:15 ratio of departmental Doffs force players to grind up or down excessive Doffs. This inflates the real amount of Doff grinding happening, making the devs think this is some super desirable feature when IT IS NOT.

Now they could fix how the Doff distributor pushes out new Doffs and solve the problem, eliminate Doff grinding, and ridiculous excessive Doffs and make the system work. They won't, they will just increase the cost (which players already pay in huge time sinks to grind) of dilithium to "fix" this obvious exploit.

If a company's attitude is to penalize the players for the company's own mistakes (and complete lack of follow up) it has some massive problems.

Personally before the SBs arrived I tried the Doff grinder, 5 blues for 1 purple along with 500 dilithium seemed like a decent gamble. Then I tried it.. and I lost and lost and lost, there are so many purple 2 traited botanists and biologists out there it is crazy. The Doff grinder at 500 dil is a losing proposition, at 5000 its a joke. You are far more likely to get good Doffs from the refugee missions, as random as that is. I had stopped using it completely, along with the general recruitment until the SBs came around. Why waste 20 hours on 5 Doffs I can't use? But the general recruitment is so much more likely to get you those now ultra rare security or engineering Doffs it is a must.

So the reason these features are so heavily used isn't because they are valuable features, the reason is to fix for the terrible implementation of other features which remain horribly broken. Make the SB doff giver count all the warfare specialists as ONE profession, there is no reason the tholian, borg, and undine are all completely separate, all those flight deck officers are just as bad for the engineer/ops problem. Medical is only an issue because of the shear volume of Doffs needed for the SB. Why not have it first choose between 1 of 6 (or 1 of 2 for area specific boxes), then choose the Doff? It would help for the most popular missions. That leaves major problems for operational assets... but that needs some major fixing anyway.