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10-26-2012, 09:15 AM
Oww, thats rather painful news you drastically increased the rate of Dilithium use for s7 and not just a liitle increased but massive amount of new drain and severely reduced the ability to generate it. Not that the one thousand and some every stf was all that fast once you got the cooldowns involved.

I really really hope you give us something of a boost somewhere as all you have done in s7 is take dilithium reward amounts down and distributed them over a larger mission amount.

With this new system I would probably generate enough with my current play style to only pay for my duty officer upgrades at the academy. which is bad for you as I use to contribute a bit to the starbase and basically convert the rest into Zen through the exchange. Thats now less zen that will be taken out of circulation due to a shortage of dil.