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Originally Posted by stonefyre View Post
You can't use three copies of TT1, the shared cool down prevents more than two from working. Your only options for the third ensign tact slot is a beam or torpedo skill, but you have neither beams nor torpedoes (that benefit from High Yield or Torp Spread).

Your best option is to replace the hargh'peng with a quantum so you can run a torpedo skill in place of the third TT1. You could use a dual beam and BO1, but I don't think BO1 is worth the drop in DPS.
Quoted for truth. I'd get rid of AP: Delta for T:spread 2 then pick up T:High Yeild 1 in that ensign slot. That'll give you some good AOE and single target potential without specializing in either one.

IF you're going to PVP at all get rid of AP:Beta for AP: omega. Having two omega's will greatly increase your survive-ability and time on target with your weapons.

For Duty officers try and get some BFI(Brace for impact) doffs they turn brace for impact into a very good shield heal.