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10-26-2012, 10:37 AM
Well, my first attempt was rather.... abyssmal. Mainly my sci offensive skills were GW2 and TR1. I had to stick with disruptor, because the axial autocannon is disruptor in type. It's also a cannon, not a beam, so I decided to run 4x turrets in back and 4x Disruptor cannons up front (single cannons, 180 degree firing, slightly higher dps than beam arrays). Then I put TT1 and CRF1 as my tac skills. The plus? CRF adds a lot of firepower to cannons. I was also hoping to trigger the autocannon console with it running at some point, maybe get a cool effect out of it.

Even so I could still not get turned around nearly fast enough. The problem is I'm not specced in starship thrusters *at all* on this character. It took nearly a minute to turn around and back up to get something back into my front hemisphere to fire at it.

I nearly lost the CSE match because of it. Luckily we had a great team that really carried me. I let them know ahead of time I was testing a new ship I'd never done so they were all aware going in.

I really need to rethink my build. Change some boff skills for better survivability. The problem is it needs more console slots. 5x blue/purp disruptor as tac, 1x shield in the solo science, and the eng slots were all consumed with borg, iso, bortasqu' autocannon, and magnetometric universal consoles. I'm going to ditch the magneto, since there's no manueverability to use such a console. I really hate to ditch the ISO, but I can. That leaves only 1 slot for an RCS, or I start sacrificing disruptor consoles (which I am loathe to do!). I want to respec but it's too expensive! It will wait. Also, I have a boxed point defense turret console, but again that takes up another slot! But... it would make up for lack of FAW. CSV1 is a LT slot, unfortunately. It severely limits cannons on most cruisers.

The thing is, as much as it sucked, as much as I died because I was 1) busy fighting to turn the darned ship or 2) unable to trigger FAW to pop a plasma torp because I don't have FAW or beams for that matter, I still did a couple million damage. We were down a man because somebody left halfway through, so I wasn't the lowest performer, but of those that stuck around I definitely was. That's still better than some damage outputs I've done on my Sci Hegh'ta build. There's potential here, somewhere. I just have to find it.

And I have to up my maneuverability somehow. That means RCS consoles for now, and eventually a respec.