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yeah sorry about that. however after i noticed my own error i atempted to edit the post and it wouldn't allow me to do so.
yeah, the new forums rock

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DStahl, have you ever considered the idea of having "mini-factions?" That is to say, instead of adding Romulans, Cardassians etc as completely separate entities, have you thought of adding these and other races under the Fed/KDF belt with their own mini-story arcs, ships, BOs, etc?

I'm picturing here something similar to SWTOR's class stories. Your faction choice, Fed or KDF, would choose your overall allegiance in the "great war," but your choice of race would choose what kinds of extra ships you would have access to as well as a small (or perhaps decent-sized) story arc explaining the motivations, actions and private dealings of your race's mini-faction. For example, Romulans would be able to choose Federation or KDF, and in either case they would have access to all of their factions ships plus a few Romulan designs, and they would have a different (perhaps similar at the start, but branching-off later) story arc that would explain why that subset of Romulans joined the Feds or KDF.

This mini-faction system could even be applied retroactively to other races, even Z-store ones. Vulcans could have their own arc, Gorn could have their own, and Aliens could choose one to be a part of. Not only would this expand the game storyline sideways and give a canon reason for adding certain ship designs and race selections, but it would also be far easier than adding Romulans, Cardassians, etc as entire factions of their own.

this means lots of story driven content == no go for cryptic..

btw - better to do paid factions = free faction with one free ship from lvl 45 up (after reaching this lvl with a fed/kdf char), all other ships/stuff buyable in Z-Store..