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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
I don't know what time you spend on doffing but if you have an alternative for someone like me that is as efficient as the grinder is with say 45minutes to 1 1/2 hours every day or every other day. I would love to hear about it, I may need it if this dilithium sink goes ahead

I mean with the grinder I could buy a whole load of packs and grind the doffs up into 10 purps in like 45 minutes.
That seems like a lot of purples every few day? Are you sure you are not doing what I claim and profiteering buy selling them on the exchange? - I mean 25 purples a week?

First off i have spend 2000 hrs doffing - so for you to spend 10 hrs a week doing what I do - come back to me in 200 weeks or 4 years and let me know what you have.

Also there are more "effficient" ways to get quality doffs - but it does take time - as the duty offer system was ment to take time - have you run all 11 nebula colony chains? Each one can give a purple on completion - then you can keep running the support colony mission after that and get blues and purples there on crits. And you get refugees which can go on missions to get blues or purples back.

Do you spend your 10 hrs a week hanging around the DS9 sectors - the officer exchange missions there are 1 for 1 - commons will almost always award a green or better. AND on top of that the exchange officer missions will accept BOUND duty officers for better duty officer returned - something the grinder won't do for you.

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