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Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
No, those are blue duty officers. AFTER completion, you unlock the support missions, which are rare and only give a purple duty officer on a crit. Without a crit, you just get a refugee or a prisoner. You can get some nice purple officers with diligence over time, but it's not a reliable or timely source of purples in any way.

Mind you, I'm fine with DOffing for blues and purples myself, but I already have a good supply of blue and purple DOffs. The support assignments, asylum assignments, prisoner exchange assignments, officer exchange assignments, etc, are enough for me. But I'd hate to start from scratch with what I've seen of the new system so far.
Actually in most cases the final mission #7 of the colony chain gives you a blue because you have I believe a 80% change of success and 20% chance of crit - it's a 15 min assignment and if you crit on that one you also get a purple.

But he is claiming that he is the avg doffer and somehow by his own math needs 25 purples a week? - I find his motives highly suspect and so would anyone who is a true doffer such as myself.