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10-26-2012, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by droidlover View Post
Do the doffs that decrease torp cool downs affect these?
Yes, though it already has a two-second recharge. It can be useful to pair a rapid-fire missile with a slow-firing one, like a Tricobalt, because the slow torp's cooldown can be reduced significantly as the rapid-firing one procs the doffs.

Originally Posted by digimatl View Post
They should make the Rapid Fire Missile Launcher NOT to use Torpedo Buffs. Because of its fast recycle, it always "steals" away the High Yield and Spread Buffs of my Quantum Torpedos. That makes it kind of useless in tandem and auto-firing with another Torpedo Launcher, as you loose als the Buffs for the "big" Torps.
It originally wasn't affected torpedo powers, I think. I don't know when they changed that, but I noticed this problem, too.

It's an important consideration.