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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
That seems like a lot of purples every few day? Are you sure you are not doing what I claim and profiteering buy selling them on the exchange? - I mean 25 purples a week?

First off i have spend 2000 hrs doffing - so for you to spend 10 hrs a week doing what I do - come back to me in 200 weeks or 4 years and let me know what you have.

Also there are more "effficient" ways to get quality doffs - but it does take time - as the duty offer system was ment to take time - have you run all 11 nebula colony chains? Each one can give a purple on completion - then you can keep running the support colony mission after that and get blues and purples there on crits. And you get refugees which can go on missions to get blues or purples back.

Do you spend your 10 hrs a week hanging around the DS9 sectors - the officer exchange missions there are 1 for 1 - commons will almost always award a green or better. AND on top of that the exchange officer missions will accept BOUND duty officers for better duty officer returned - something the grinder won't do for you.
I have done most the colonial mission and as I said I don't do doffing every day, the last time I did any assignments for doffs was a couple of weeks back, since I created 2 new characters I've done no upgrinding at all. I only used the upgrinder to get my first Char a good compliment of Purples, until both my other Chars are level 50 and have enough dilithium and ec stored I will do them too.

After that I will thankfully just need to do dailies on the doff system and not worry about it for a while then I can concentrate on my fleet.

You see it is the cheapest and most efficient way for most of us, we don't log "2000" ours on the system and never will it was not designed to be an end-game grind feature.

It's clear you have the mentality of someone whose regimented in their game time, I am not, which is why I stated maybe once every few days, I also assumed your methods would result in say maybe only 1 or 2 purples per session and therefore I would be required to log on and do doff stuff for at least 1 our of every two days.

As it stands I haven't doffed in a week or two, but it's nice to see you missed the reasoning entirely and jumped straight into accusations, it also seems you failed to remember I already stated I did it to fill my chars roster, and I don't have that unlocked to 400 it's just one hundred so if you did the math 70% of doffs (I only have 85 on the roster) would be in the region of 6 times x 45 minutes sessions it costs way too much EC to buy as many packs as I needed and dilithium to do that everyday to produce thousands of purple doffs... but wait you should already know that....


Got to admit it is funny how you lost the argument pages and pages back and have slowly post by post resorted to more and more accusations of profiteering, the truth is your an obsessive by your own admission you've acquired 3000 top end doffs over 2000 focused hours of play, your atypical of the average user who like myself doesn't want to spend forever just to get a good crew of doffs, we want to get our crew equipped and move on. This is why your opinion is so skewed, you just out of touch with what the average player is and does.

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