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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Actually in most cases the final mission #7 of the colony chain gives you a blue because you have I believe a 80% change of success and 20% chance of crit - it's a 15 min assignment and if you crit on that one you also get a purple.
No, you get a Blue because the 7/7 is DIFFERENT that Support Colonial efforts, you ALWAYS get a Blue the 7/7 even if you crit.

Support Colonial Efforts gives a SPECIFIC BOUND Purple on a crit, if you crit 7 times you get EXACTLY the same DOFF every time.

But he is claiming that he is the avg doffer and somehow by his own math needs 25 purples a week? - I find his motives highly suspect and so would anyone who is a true doffer such as myself.
With the Fleet? Yes we kinda do because several projects require Purple DOFFs that are spend and those are not just any DOFF, its a specific department but this solely the blame of the Fleet Starbase that requires massive amounts of anything, even a T1 Upgrade will eat out a lot of Purples.

That is not accounting the new Reputation system that will likely ask the same, DOFFs were not a currency pre-Season 6 but they will be with Season 7.