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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
I guess I should accept that is about as close as an apology I will get for your false assumptions.

So tell me what is the compactor? you saying that my usage of it to populate my duty roster is wrong? Because honestly I don't see how you've come to that logic. I don't even believe people are using it to mass produce purples for sale, many may well have gotten purples from it that they don't need and posted them for sale. I doubt very much anyone sells multiple purples on the exchange using my method.

It costs a few 100,000ec's just to get a Doff Pack off the exchange and you need a lot of these just to get 1 purple, the prices of purples at the moment would mean more often than not you'd be making a marginal profit at best.

To be honest until this thread started I wasn't even aware there was even a theory that people were using the grinder to do what you say they are doing, because form my own experience it seemed quite costly to produce a purple anyways.

It's interesting though how both you and levi have jumped on this...
Honestly? I've never compacted to get a purple. I've never felt the need to spend that much time and effort just to upgrade my roster. Greens and blues work fine for most stuff, so I only use the compactor when I need to free up roster space.

If you want to use it to compact everything you get into purples, that's your choice, but not everyone does.

Based on the price changes, it seems reasonable to guess that the devs think the current price is too cheap.

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