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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Honestly? I've never compacted to get a purple. I've never felt the need to spend that much time and effort just to upgrade my roster. Greens and blues work fine for most stuff, so I only use the compactor when I need to free up roster space.

If you want to use it to compact everything you get into purples, that's your choice, but not everyone does.

Based on the price changes, it seems reasonable to guess that the devs think the current price is too cheap.
So cheap in fact that they think it needs a 50x increase.

I don't think so.

It's already expensive, I still have to grind dilithium to get the EC required for buying doff packs, This is the quickest most efficient way to get a good crew that crit the assignments (populating your crew with purples is the purpose of the doff system). It's efficient and quick because it allows me to progress my character in end game STF's collect Borg sets and use the rest to convert into dili to use to buy doffs. That way I can fit it into my life, just about.

Adding this extrs Dilithium sink will just stop most of us using it. I will simply not bother to get doffs for my other to Characters.

You think them being cheap is an exploit, if this goes ahead all those with Purples in the bank will be able to control and manipulate the market for purples as they see fit.

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