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10-26-2012, 02:32 PM
The Tailor is a fine example of the system works ... for PWE/Cryptic pockets.

You spend 160,000 Dilithium, about 1.6 million EC worth of Entertainment Provisions (Assuming Feringi bonus and from the lowest price seller, not assuming D'Kora) plus 15 Civilian Purple DOFFs (that is at least 15 million EC based on Purple replicated Emergency DOFFs prices) and for what?

So we can now buy a Uniform that costs 16,000 Dilithium + 8,000 Fleet Credits? and one that is, understandable* I guess, a character unlock?

*Understandable if not for the Dilithium cost besides the cost requirements to even access the store.

I looked at it, double checked and thought "the hell with this".