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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Oh ffs,

My fleet hasn't even reached tier 1 yet... this is a joke, I didn't really know how much this was going to impact the fleet system, I've only really been basing this on my individual needs as a captain...

This just make me feel even more pessimistic.
Hehe, one thing to remember: upgrades are all optional.

Typically you want to do them but some of them are pretty minor and borderline useless. Smaller fleets should definately consider carefully when and IF they will do them. My list of things to only do if you have extra stuff:

the missions for stationing Doff contacts. the doff contacts require you to go to them in person and have very average missions.

Bartender, chef, tailor: they're a royal PAIN to get the materials for even in large fleets.

ship customizations: nearly useless and strictly decorative, and absurdly expensive.

Things you definately want to do are the Starbase, shipyard, transwarp gate, fabricator and comm array upgrades. Those are actually pretty easy compared to the vanity upgrades.

I can haz joystick!
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