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Originally Posted by pantsmaster916 View Post
Why is this thread STILL going? Have none of you actually bothered to do a little independent calculation? Is basic mathematics really too hard for you? Or has the fog of RAGE just completely blinded you to Common Eff'ing Sense?

The odds of getting the doff you want from the grinders are the same as getting a good doff out of a C-Store Pack. But here's the big difference - you pay a pittance in Dilithium (even after these price hikes) vs. what you'd pay on the C-Store.

C-store Pack = 200 Zen * 150 Dil = 30,000 Dil

For 7 officers. 4 White+, 2 Green+, 1 Blue+

Compared to the new doff prices:

Whites = 250 (4 in a cadre costs 1000)
Green = 500+(250*5) = 1750
Blue = 2500+(1750*5) = 11250

Add that together, you get 11250+(1750*2)+(250*4) = 14,750 Dil

14,750 Dil for the same amount of Doffs that a C-store Pack charges 30,000 for.

So, that's a >50% Discount if you buy your Dilithium using Zen. If you earn it via gameplay, it has cost you exactly NOTHING, other than your time.

Time that you were spending playing the game anyway, right? If not, why the eff are you complaining?
So what you're saying is that 1 random VR DOFF is worth 14750 dilithium. In that case, I have about 100 VR DOFFs I'd be willing to trade you for dilithium.