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10-26-2012, 04:33 PM
firefox messed up the download nevermind.. gonna try those dps meters this weekend and see whats up

Ok.. installed it... but i cant get it to parse anything. The plugin you linked is enabled... but where are the logs?


alrighty got them installed and running.

5 runs of khit in my setup - average of 7400 dps (doing same thing)

what do you suggest i swap out my torpedo boff abilities with when i switch to just dhc's? (both lieutenant torpedo spread II)??

Ok did some more testing.

10 Khitomer runs doing same thing (pop n kill cubes close to the small portal, then pop n kill far cubes and transformers. then settling in the probe path and taking down the gate and all the probes with my mines and aoe.)

only including runs that i did that. any that i was on sole probe duty i did not include in this. Havent gotten enough runs of that to do a 10 run average yet.

So far im averaging 7450 encdps with 6,520,000 total damage. (running 3 dhc 1 quan torp up front.. 2 tric mines and 1 turret in back)

My runs with 1 dbb 1 dhc 1dc and 1 quan torp up front are averaging 7500 dps with 6,600,000 dps...

Minimal changes between the 2. (probably because most of the damage seems to come from the torp spreads and the mines.)

ill post back when i have a better sample size to work with. still too small a pool for me to say either way.

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