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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Well he made a fair few explicitlly to try a solo starbase. e's got his very own no one else in the fleet T3. Madman .
I am the only one so fair that Cryptic is aware who has a Solo built Tier 3 starbase.

I do not have 11 alt - I don't know where that figure came from.

I have 25 characters.

10 are at max Cxp across the board which allowed me to game massive amounts of Fleet marks from the conversion.

They are also maxed to 400 slots - with most carrying only 300 - allowing space to fill up with whites - which i then provide to the exchange.

i provide hundreds of common doffs to the exchange every day

i also have all the purples that will allow me to run 33% crit success on the support colony mission

most of my Character can run the max 7 missions at one time of support colony with 33% crit - and turning in refugees, bluesw and purples.

I have spent a min 2000 hrs doffing - avg of 6 hrs a day every day

That is how i play the game.