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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
And I think I found some of the Exchange Profiteers ...

People trying to drive the prices down? what absurdity is this? Only reason anyone would ever do that is because they intend to sell then at a profit later ... its basically lowering the prices so when prices rise later due to either natural supply-demand or artificial means they can cash in.

Also I am not going to take lessons from someone that does not even know how Assignments work, I suspect those so called "professional doffers" are nothing but Exchange manipulators that having lost control over the DOFF prices are attempting to make Cryptic adopt changes so they can return to their profiteering ways.

Now ... Good day, Sir.
Your claiming I don't know doffing because I might have made a mistake over the exact figures or results for a mission that I have not done in over 6 months - great example. I used the words "I believe" for a reason - that being it has been so long. And prices are dropping because of suppy - and less demand. There are people flooding the market with purples and blues - but as of yet most starbase production only requires commons and greens for 99% of assignments. You should re-think your argument.

Regardless - i am confident that Cryptic will keep the new prices to grind intact - this is just a thread spinning wheels.

Edit: as a general rule I don't sell purples - i have no need - I doff : I like to have every possible doff i need - in addition I have no time to hussle them around between 25 characters - it would take weeks to organize them properly. Add to that I have over $700 million EC - and 1.5 million dilth - i am not overly concerned with any of these changes making me more resources that i have nothing that i need to spend it on. At fire sale prices I have another $2 billion is stored resources that i could sell - i have no time or need so they continue to build up in bank space - thankfully as a Gold sub I have lots of it.

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