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Originally Posted by rifter1969 View Post
Didn't Defera come from the Breen FE series?

I can see how it could be seen as scripted, but it was basically created just for that set was it not?

Gamma Orionis, that was part of the actual storyline from the beginning, so... I guess it should be part of the tour. Didn't know that only VAs can get during the tour. Actually didn't know that the tour was available to other ranks, and that they see different requirements... interesting...

But I was little bewildered about Tau Dewa. My original theory was that they (Cryptic) may have content for the systems in the sector, but only one will have the embassies. Like Eta Eridiani works now.
That is my guess, but we'll see. The galaxy map overview on Tribble shows an area the same size as Psi Velorum!

As for tour, your rank (Leuitenant, Lt. Commander, etc...) determines how many sector blocks you have to go to for tour.

AFAIK, Orellious was added at the same time as the Breen FEs but beyond that it's pretty much a regular sector.

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