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10-26-2012, 05:19 PM
How about both options?
APD as a single target taunt somehow? It draws the attention of whichever enemy you are currently targeting and only if you are targeting an enemy or as soon as you target the next enemy during the power's duration.
This could be used by all classes and escorts as the only ones with the top rank of the power gain the most resistance benefit if they wish to use it. They will sure need it.

Cruisers should get their own taunt power. Though in their case I suggest a completely new one with an AoE effect to enhance their innate threat skill to practically irresistable levels for teh enemy NPCs (unless scripted otherwise).
Call it Duranium Shadows, which is a trick DS9 used at least once to fool the Cardassians into believing the station was heavily armed with torpedos.
Incidentally the Klingons thought the 5000 torpedos that Sisko actually had at the time were only Duranium Shadow trickery...
Ok, in those cases the intent was to make teh enemies cautious and back off, but it clearly made appear DS9 a bigger threat quite literally.