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Maybe but its a fixed price, not counting the 5 Blue DOFFs being lost and also Lt. Ferra is a honest Kilrathi ... I mean Caitian and you see what you are getting, its not a LOL Random system ... you pay the Cat, you get the DOFF you picked.

The markup is understandable besides its 12k? I could have swore it was 8k that was the daily limit, perhaps I am mistaken it with Blues but still its one system with no input loss and no chance system.

And as I said, its not a issue because they are more that happy in drowning me with Purples if I go the DOFF pack route, even this route does nothing besides ... P2W since, again, they happily allow me to bypass the Refined Dilithium limits if I buy it from the exchange and no, dont bring up the "some player had to put it up" because we dont know, nothing stops Cryptic of adding Dilithium to the Exchange and we do know Cryptic developers have brought Golden Lockboxes before from the Exchange instead of letting the market "solve itself", I dont have a problem with that (as I am not a believer of the so called "player driven economy") but it certainly sets the notion they are not going to set in when its convenient to them.

If I am allowed to circumvent a "balance" system with money, its P2W ... if anything this prices rises exist only to drive people into spending real money in Zen Points so they can buy Dilithium or to buy DOFF packs.
If you buy purple doffs from Ferra's store he charges 12k dil. Some are very useful. Others.... are meh. And yeah that's more than the 8k you can refine each day.

So the new compactor charges 5k and 5 blues for a purple. Hmm.... let's compare the doff store with the compactor hmm?

greens: 500 from compactor 1k from ferra
blues: 2.5k vs 6k
purples: 5k vs 12k

so... except for green, the prices are 5/12 what you would be charged if you could buy that doff in ferra's store.

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