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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
I think your own "petitions" and besmerchment of a user that has only been playing for 2 months is all anyone needs to know about your comments and the veracity or lackof of your arguments which were discounted and discredited for their narrow outlook based on the experiences of someone who spends an inordinate amount of time on this game.

Furthermore you created the idea that I am producing purple doffs @ a rate of 25 a week, which as you know with 3 characters and little time would actually require more EC and Dlithium than would be rewarded in EC. Your false accusations are indicative though of someone who has lost an argument and has begun using personal attacks in an attempt to divert the ongoing dialogue.

As I have already said I am more than happy for restrictions on the creation of purple doffs in the grinder by using a Doff Marks system or something similar, I am and have been against more than anything else the imposition of a dilithium sink which already makes an incredibly expensive process for the average user in less plausible.

The sad thing about your attack on the average user is the very people you claim to oppose those that are ironically making some kind of profit from reducing the price of the very thing they are selling will still only stand to gain by this Dilthium sink.

It is clear that if these profiteers do infact exist that it is logical to assume that they have not only vast funds but a vast amount of purple doffs stored. Once ordinary people can no longer grind blues for purples due to being priced out these same profiteers you take issue with will have an even stronger position in a market under-supplied, then they will be able to sell their stored doffs for many times the price they currently are, these profiteers only benefit from this change.

The sad part is that you have used all this to distract from the overall dialogue in this thread where by a clear majority the average users have come out against this change fully seeing the damage it will do to their fleets and characters ability to progress in the doff system.

Thankyou though I believe your stance has actually convinced more people of the essential unfairness of these changes.
I'm gonna continue business as usual. I don't use it that much so it won't bother me. the only people it really hurts are those that overuse it. That is either people who want to sell purples or people who are new players and haven't figured out that the compactor is the expensive way to get doffs.

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