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10-26-2012, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
EC and Dilithium expensive but time is more important to me.

As you already say it is expensive enough as it is, adding this extra sink will simply push people onto buying direct from the exchange and play straight into the hands of these so-called profiteers who no doubt have been stockpiling doffs for a very long time.

You under the misconception that people are willing to pay and actually even buy Doffs from Ferra. I think I've bought 1 from him. that's it. Any product is only worth what people are willing to pay.

Record companies may price a CD @ ?12.99 but most people are no longer willing to accept that as a price they are willing to pay so they don't.

Markup does not actually reflect true market value, and this discussion is a diversion from the main point the majority here feel it is an unfair and unaffordable dilithium sink that will push them away from doffing.

So lets stick to and focus on that.
Only the desperate ones. If you're not desperate to get purples and blues immediately you don't have that problem. (guess who rarely buys doffs off exchange?)

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