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10-26-2012, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I will go with is sound reasoning+your prior example since my posts tend to be much more dramatic.

People are using the grinder for blues or purples are either looking to make a massive profit and at the same time buy flooding the market are cheapening the value of doffs, or they are doing it to quickly get purples and are wasting blues.

If this issue IS really aboy starbases as some are claiming it is - then I have already stated Mr Stahl should lower the cost to convert to greens from 500 to 100.

That is all this thread should be about.

The good news is that I can continue with this thread while doffing at the same time
The thread is about what the majority of people feel, that is that this is a Dilithium sink we do not want. That is all the thread should be about.

As I already said all this sink will do is play into the hands of the profiteers you seem to be obsessed with, they will have full run of the exchange after this and no doubt if they are anything like you they have 1000's of doffs in reserve whose value will multiple by 50x if this change stands.