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10-26-2012, 05:48 PM
This has been a general trend with STO. They want you to have a main.

nerfing the free dilithium from the foundry for 30 seconds of logging on a level 25+ character makes sense, but that's somewhat secondary to the larger design question.

With the jem'hadar and lock box ships, and even a bit before that, they've started pushing things to per character unlocks rather than per player. That makes having exotic alts a lot more time consuming, and you have to make more difficult choices - want the temporal space set (from the mobius and the wells), well sure, but you can only fly one ship at a time, so spend 70 million EC on a ship you won't fly to get one console that isn't spectacular - and if you want to fly the other ship on a different character, buy one for them separately.

Fleets, because they aren't cross faction (which makes RP sense), lock you somewhat to one side, since anything your other faction alt does can't count for the benefit of your fleet easily.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad for the game overall, seriously. I don't like it personally, STO is and was basically a casual easy game, making it more a more serious focus on one character poses problems. I hadn't played for something like 10 months, and I came back to the new STF''s and got full mk xii borg sets on one character in maybe 50 played hours, weapons 2 others and they at least have a couple of purple set pieces. Now here the new reputation system will eventually make gearing them easier theoretically, I have to make hard choices between say giving a wells to my science toon or keeping it for my 'main' to benefit from just the console. That sort of stuff doesn't seem like it's great for the game. They'd be better to make things valuable but not unbalanced, than make them unbalanced but of less value.

E.G. if I buy a cruiser for 2500 zen, well I don't really want to fly the same ship on multiple characters. So I'm buying it only for one toon, and an alt especially, it's hard to justify that purchase, since my eng alt for example only has 100 and some played hours, total. And he's got almost full STF gear. For him the chimera may have to be 'good enough' even though I'd probably rather a cruiser. On the other hand, if I want to play him seriously a 2500 zen ship is (or can be) significantly better than a free similar equivalent. So I'd be paying to win - which is a problem if everyone else is paying to win and you aren't. If a 2500 zen ship pack had ships for KDF/FED and 3 factions I'd probably buy more stuff because I'd feel like all of my characters are getting something out of it. The game really doesn't have enough compelling content for just one character (especially with a 8000 dilithium cap).

But they're trying to push you into, at a minimum, picking a faction with a fleet, and generally focusing on one toon (for all of the doffs, ships etc.). As I say, I'm not sure that's a good thing or not. It's not a serious constraint, you can after all just spend a bit more time on alts, and negotiate that with your fleet leader a bit.